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An Intentional lifestyle

Both fashion and interior design are all about creating a certain look or feel, and both require an understanding of color, texture, and form.

Like interior design, fashion, and the clothes we wear, other aspects of personalization and self-expression are just as important. Just like our homes, our clothing can convey a feeling or mood. Over the past few years, designing houses has influenced my view of fashion and clothing. I desire timeless, simple, and comfortable items that are also multi-purpose. I enjoy including trendy pieces, but I want my foundational pieces to last more than a season. A minimalist aesthetic appeals to me, particularly when layered in whatever mood I want to convey. My goal is to find garments that can be worn for work or as a mother. It's easy to dress up or down and won't be too fussy for my four-year-old.

"Two-piece sets are amazing. I feel like I can get more looks out of them by interchanging each with different pieces. I’m really into comfort but structure. This provides both. I also love wearing neutrals and this doubles as a swim cover-up. I’m all about multi-purpose clothing. Turquoise is a long-time favorite." - Courtney

Every piece of clothing has a story, and interior design is about taking those stories and creating a space that feels like home. This can be done in a number of ways, from using color and pattern to create a cohesive look to adding light fixtures to create ambiance. Like our homes, fashion and clothing can evoke a memory or emotion. The feel of linen in a home or as a garment always reminds me of the coastline while the soft touch of wool evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. I love the ability to wear versatile clothing that can carry me through my work day and with minimal effort; transition to being on the beach with my family. Time is so greatly limited, I want to use every moment efficiently to do more of the things that fill my soul. There is also something so romantic about wearing clothing that reminds us of a place, or experience or shifts our mindset. Layering on a white button-up shirt that I often wear to the beach is like carrying a little piece of what fills my soul with me. It brings me to the easy-going, grounded, and nature-based mindset I strive for. What we surround ourselves with, what we wear and the intentional choices we make from the mundane to the grand..influence our mood and intention. Home is the same. We surround ourselves with things and sensations we love, with the people we love most. A family heirloom, a piece we picked up from travel, a vintage chair that has moved with you over the years. All of these hold an emotional attachment and are more than simply “stuff” to fill a space. I love my clothing to work for me the same way and provide not only self-expression but a feeling of contentment.

"This is a super comfortable yet sophisticated romper. It looks polished but it’s very easy to wear. I love black and gold together- it always looks so simple yet sleek. Neutral heels are my favorite-they elongate your legs and pair well with anything." - Courtney


Here are a few tips to get you started

1. Start with a Neutral Base.

I’m always attracted to very timeless and natural-looking pieces. Neutral base pieces can last me much longer than a patterned piece as they have multiple uses for many occasions. For example, the piece above, is one of my favorites taking me from the office, and construction site, to a photoshoot!

2. Accessorize.

Accessorizing is my favorite way to add a little personalization.

3. Keep it Versatile.

What is more versatile than a little black dress? This dress is flowy, and comfortable and can be dressed up or down, making it one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. When choosing a versatile piece make sure you choose something that is classy (neutral in tone and minimalistic in shape) that will go for any occasion.

4. Let Your Outfit Represent Your Mood and Intention.

I typically match the home I’ve designed for photo shoots I love to blend in with the home and mood. In your own style, let your mood or intention for the day elevate your style. For example, colors evoke a certain meaning.

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