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What Clients Say

"Courtney and her team are so easy to work with and they truly do create beautiful homes. My Customers and I couldn’t be happier!"

Carlin and Courtney embarked on their home design journey in Massachusetts at a young age, honing their skills before venturing to Sarasota, Florida. With a business named after their daughter Savannah, they thrived in flipping properties and garnered a reputation for their custom and detail-oriented approach. Their expertise expanded from renovating bathrooms to designing entire homes, seamlessly blending rustic elements with modern livability. Through word of mouth and referrals, they built a strong client base, offering exceptional customer service and a close working relationship. Grateful for the opportunity provided by the Sarasota community, they continue to fulfill their dreams while helping homeowners achieve their own.​

Savannah May Petrin

Savannah May Petrin


Courtney Petrin

Courtney Petrin

Co-founder, Creative Director and Lead Designer

Carlin Petrin

Carlin Petrin

Co-Founder, Project manager, Carpenter and Skilled installer

Introducing the incredible team behind Savannahs Home and Design. While you may often see my face or Carlin's, it's this talented group working diligently behind the scenes that brings our projects to life. Fueled by laughter, collaboration, and a shared commitment to quality, our team embodies a spirit of teamwork and dedication. From skilled carpenters and tilers to painters and versatile craftsmen, each member plays a vital role in turning design concepts into reality. Their collective effort and willingness to take on challenges make ambitious remodels and intricate designs possible. We value and appreciate our team's unwavering dedication, knowing that their hard work is the driving force behind our success.


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