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What we have in the works for 2024…

Firstly we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are beyond thankful to our community, our clients, and our supporters. Our business was built solely on word of mouth and referrals. We appreciate you allowing us to do what we love as a family. It’s a true gift. We love to keep you involved every step of the way on our journey.

I look at each new year as an opportunity. It’s a chance to apply everything I’ve learned and grown in over the past year.

It’s a chance to better align how we live with our ultimate vision for our life, business, and family.

This year is no exception.

In 2024 we be will debuting an online store!

Showcasing curated and sourced items for you all in one place. From furniture, decor, and bedding. Each piece will be picked by us and we intend on sharing ways to style it or showcase the piece. This on another way to connect with our audience and further curate our brand into the new year. Everything will be affordable and accessible.

Savannahs Home Design Shop Mood Board

We will also be fully renovating and designing a couple of stunning homes right on the water.

It will also be the first year we will be designing out of state. We will be taking on a dreamy Spanish home in Texas, which we are very excited about.

In addition to that, we have a couple of major features in the works (we can’t tell you just yet). After our feature in AD, we got some really cool exposure and we are thankful for that.

We will continue to hone in on our niche of designing and renovating larger-scale projects. In addition to taking on some smaller areas room by room. We love designing Mediterranean homes, modern transitional homes, and European and coastal homes. With a couple of others peppered in. That will remain the same.

We still plan to visit Massachusetts twice a year and spend time with family and friends. I always feel so inspired and invigorated each time we go. The homes, architecture, charm and history always inspire me.

This year we also want to get serious about purchasing a larger home in Sarasota.

While we have loved living in Siesta Key in a small beach cottage; the time has come for a little more space. We have learned we do not need much to be happy. We like smaller homes with charm. We are aiming to buy a very outdated home and rebuild it from the inside out. Our only must-haves are location, a pool, and 3 bedrooms. We can make it what we want. We want a great outdoor space for cooking and relaxing. I would love a big old tub, a proper laundry room, and a small walk-in butler's pantry. I’m very minimal otherwise. I’m gravitating to light and bright for our home. I love to bring in wood tones and calming elements. I really want home to be a space free of visual overstimulation. With what I do for a living, I want home to feel very calm. In terms of the design aesthetic of the home. We are very open to the style and interpreting that into our vision for the remodel. We appreciate many styles of homes. I also plan to design free of any trends and really lean into a timeless aesthetic as we do for our clients. I really want to love the home in 5 years. So I’m digging deep into what is timeless for me and what feels like home for us. I’m also I firm believer in being true to a home's history and architecture. You can’t make a mid-century modern home into a Spanish colonial no matter how much renovating you do. So my approach like with all our design projects; will be rooted in authenticity to the home style.

We are so excited to share everything we have planned for you this year!

May you have an amazing rest of 2023 and cheers to 2024

Love, the Petrin family

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