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Simple Ways to Bring Some Fall Vibes into a Florida home

Photography | Beckah Lee Photography

It’s hot in Florida in October y’all.

I mean I do love it and although the humidity drops it’s still like 85 degrees The leaves do not change colors and we don’t get that brisk cool air that creeps in around mid-September. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t capture a little bit of the seasons in our home. We grew up in New England so Autumn is quite the event! New England has some of the most striking views of fall you will set your eyes on. The rainbow of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns is quite stunning. It signifies all the fun fall activities like fall festivals, pumpkin patches, hayrides, drinking cider, eating all things pumpkin and Dunkin spice is back in season (like I said we are from New England) 😂

We are very fortunate that there is so much to do in our area to celebrate the season. But I think that can start right at home. Here are some subtle and sophisticated and ways to bring a little bit of fall into your home.

Let’s first start with some general guidelines

Fall is a mood. It doesn’t have to be literal, but rather understated. It’s all about the cozy. The feel, smell, and full experience of fall.

I’ve included an apple crisp recipe to bring in the full experience of autumn in your home.

Photography | Beckah Lee Photography

1. Start with a color palette. A simple way to add a cozier feel to your home is by adding on richer colors. Rust tones, burgundy, browns and hints of deep purple. Think about the fall colors and landscape as your guide. You can do this through pillows, throw blankets, floral, art work and even in dish ware and glasses. All of these items can be switched out and are not permanent. I love pillow covers for an easy transition to fall, plaid throw blankets and landscape art work with fall moody colors.

2. Layer in soft textures. Think flannel, sheepskin, boucle, or chunky throw blanket. This is tactile and we want to consider all your senses with fall. A throw blanket or layering a soft accent rug is a very simple way to create some depth.

3. Smell-light your favorite fall candle. Bake all the fall foods and desserts and let it fill your home.

4. Pattern and material. Plaid, stripes and leather are some of my favorite fall patterns and fabrics. Velvet is also a very decadent and cozy choice.

5. Lighting. Nothing quite creates ambiance like lighting. Layer your lighting. Add in table lamps, place over head lights on dimmers, and add plug-in sconces. If your looking for a less permanent idea candies real or faux are an effective way to amp up the cozy. I love battery-operated candles, especially in homes with children.

6. Storage layer in floor baskets for cozy blankets and bring in rich textural moments in your home. Think of a woven table tray or travertine catchall.

7. Rustic touches. Stone accents, travertine, wood logs, and cooper all remind me of nature and a cozy rolling hills farmland.

Target always has great fall options by Studio Mcgee-Threshold, Hearth and Hand and even Kirklands!

Living Room:

Dining Room:

Photography | Beckah Lee Photography


Throw Pillows: Pillow Set

My favorite fall recipe!

Apple crisp recipe for fall

(I love their meal plans and recipes-this is a gluten and vegan-friendly recipe)

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