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Summers postcard island; planning your trip to Nantucket

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Nantucket's Timeless Appeal

Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a summer destination with dune-backed beaches. It’s marked by unpainted cedar-shingled buildings, many surrounded by manicured privets. The wharves and cobblestoned! streets of the Town of Nantucket are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques, and steepled churches. The town’s Whaling Museum recounts the island’s role as a 19th-century whaling hub. You can still discover remnants of its history everywhere you go.

It’s like a dream to visit this island that seems so tucked away.

I have fond memories of visiting this island each summer while living in New England. It always marked the start of summer for me. Now we can experience it with our daughter. There is nothing more “classic New England summer” than Nantucket.

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Discovering Nantucket's Treasures

1. Historic Charms

  • Explore the town's enchanting streets lined with cedar-shingled buildings.

  • Immerse yourself in Nantucket's maritime history at the Whaling Museum.

  • Discover stately sea captains' homes, charming cottages, and hidden gardens.

2. Natural Beauty

  • Indulge in miles of pristine beaches, windswept moors, and scenic bike trails.

  • Experience the roar of the surf and the allure of the island's harbors.

  • Embark on outdoor adventures like biking, kayaking, whale watching, and more.

3. Retail Delights

  • Stroll through Nantucket's charming boutiques, art galleries, and craft stores.

  • Enjoy world-class dining, local crafts, and bookstores that capture the essence of the island.

Planning Your Nantucket Getaway

  • Choosing the Right Time: Summertime is perfect for a vibrant visit, while September and October offer cooler temperatures and a more tranquil atmosphere.

  • Getting There: Catch a ferry from Cape Cod or New Bedford, MA for a scenic journey to the island.

Navigating Nantucket: Where to Eat and Drink

Getting Around and Enjoying the Outdoors

  • Public Transportation: Navigate the island using the public bus known as the Wave.

  • Sconset Beach and Village: Explore the rose-covered paradise of Sconset Beach and its charming village.

  • Sailing Adventures: Experience Nantucket by water, with sailing trips and cruises showcasing the island's coastal beauty.

Choosing Where to Stay

  • Accommodation Tips: Nantucket's accommodations can be pricey, but options like condos, duplexes, and guest houses offer cost-effective choices.

  • Online Resources: Check out platforms like Expedia and for deals and last-minute offers.

Curating Your Nantucket Wardrobe

  • Weather and Dressing: Nantucket's variable weather calls for layering and packing versatile pieces.

  • Classic Staples: Embrace New England's aesthetic with classic pieces like striped tees, neutral dresses, and timeless patterns.

  • Capsule Wardrobe: Create a versatile capsule wardrobe featuring essential items like raincoats, cardigans, and comfortable footwear.

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Styling Nantucket-Inspired Outfits

  • Classic Prep: Create the timeless "preppy" look with pleated shorts, boat-neck tees, and mule shoes.

  • Beach Ready: Choose Instagram-worthy with a simple linen outfit for picturesque beach days.

  • Day Shopping: Opt for a casual and chic Pink Floral Mini Dress for a day of shopping and exploring.

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Classic Prep - Hat, Bracelet, Earrings, Mules, Shirt, Short

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Complete Your Look with Accessories

  • Hats: Elevate your style with Gigi Pip's selection of hats, from straw fedoras to wide-brimmed sun hats.

  • Beach Totes: Carry your essentials in style with straw bags and beach totes, perfect for island adventures.

  • Earrings: Add flair with rattan and pearl earrings that perfectly complement Nantucket's breezy vibe.

Top Tip: It’s all about the classic staple pieces for New Englanders. We tend to carry staple pieces that carry us through summer and various looks. Basic neutrals and colorful pattern dresses are very easy summer wear for New England! Think stripes, neutrals and any classic patterns and fits.

Our Memories this summer in Nantucket :

We always carry a little bit of New England with us when it comes to design.

We are always influenced by the coastline's natural rugged landscape. We always enjoy using natural materials and textural elements that call back to our first home.

A timeless disposition is always present in our work. With every project; no matter what the style; Our love for timeless foundational elements, architectural design, and timeless classic colors informs our perspective. The mix of rugged and rustic paired with a refined casual elegance is our sweet spot.

If you want to learn more about New England's connection to our style view "New England still inspires us.." Blog Post

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