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Award-winning full-service design and remodeling team led by husband and wife Carlin and Courtney Petrin. Originally from New England and now residing in Siesta Key Florida. 
Our love for home started in New England where we grew up admiring historic old homes. Every home seemed to tell a story and have its own perspective yet be full of character and charm.  It has definitely shaped how we view renovation and design. Here in Florida, we do see a need for that perspective in many homes and our goal is to infuse each home with individuality.  We want each home to feel authentic to the people living in them. 

Our portfolio ranges in design styles and we pride ourselves on our versatility and imagination. However, our consistent transitional design perspective is rooted in nature with a timeless yet unique, casual elegance and warmth. 
Our business was born from word of mouth. We began flipping homes here in Florida and our investment properties caught the notice of locals, realtors, neighbors, and buyers who picked up on our style. That translated into a client-focused design and renovation business. Our experience in flipping homes has allowed us to offer a one-stop shop for clients from start to finish from your all design and renovation needs


Meet Courtney

I’m a self-taught designer and I pride myself on my ability to maneuver through varying styles while incorporating my client's tastes and preferences through my perspective. I view each relationship with a client as a partnership-combining my vision and their style into a uniquely curated design. My background in advanced clinical psychology has been extremely useful in working with clients and understanding each of my client's needs and personalities.  In all, I love home and love creating functionally beautiful spaces that reflect the people living in them. 

Courtney and Carlin renovated our three bathrooms and Courtney has also helped design my master bedroom design and other elements missing in our home. Courtney is absolutely amazing and my boho guru/goddess. They did excellent work and will definitely be having them back for more projects.


Bringing your home renovation to life with our power-duo of expertise

We offer complete services for remodeling, renovations, and design. As well as creating custom homes for each and every client, we are passionate about infusing homes with personality, custom details, and craftsmanship. As a result of Carlin's construction knowledge and Courtney's designer eye, you, the client, are given a powerhouse team ready to enhance your home!


Houses become homes when there is soul infused into them.

We love creating personalized homes that exude personal style, and a timeless predisposition and act as a backdrop to create memories and evoke emotion. To achieve this we love to get to know our clients, their styles, individual personality, family, and specific needs. Most people do not fall perfectly into a singular design style. People are not simply one note. They are complex, layered, and interesting. We view home the same way. Your home should reflect the layers of your family, memories, and heritage. We love to take inspiration from those sources and elevate your style. That’s where the magic happens. Mixing styles much like the complexity of a personality create personalization and the foundation for a timeless home that is reflective of those living there. Spaces that inspire, excite or calm while providing well-being. We love to give people the confidence to create their style instead of simply following trends. Our perspective is rooted in approachability, nature, rustic, and organic elements that shift and change from client to client.



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