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Mr and Mrs Symth

John and Sharon Smyth are great colleagues and friends of ours. We were very flattered they thought of us to design their lanai and assist on their pool design.

A modern neutral palette set the tone for a modern outdoor space rich in textures and woven accents.

From there, we mapped out their living spaces, kitchen and bar.

They love to entertain and host guests from their homeland of Scotland.

A modern oasis that a bit Tulum Mexico inspired by their travels felt appropriate. This couple has a daughter in college and the goal was to also make this outdoor area “cool enough” for her to want to stay and bring her friends. Steel grey leathered granite countertops provide the right amount of practical texture to the space. The vertical paneling on the cabinets take the edge off a modern feel by adding some character and detail. The numbers 1872 were added to their bar area honoring Johns father; remembering the year his Dads Soccer team was established. A projector was mounted for outdoor movie nights to be screened literally from their pool. The outdoor space is meant to be an full experience and respite for this family to share with loved ones.



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