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Our Guide to Disney World

 My regular journeys to Disney with my little one have transformed me into a bit of a Disney trip expert. From the joyous celebrations of different seasons to the quiet magical moments, we've uncovered the secrets to making each visit truly extraordinary. Join me as I spill the beans on the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way, ensuring that every Disney adventure is nothing short of pure enchantment!

When to go:

We love to go in October or during Thanksgiving week. The weather is cooler and the rainy season has passed. By Thanksgiving, their Christmas decorations are up and it’s so magical!

Where to stay:

We like to stay at an Airbnb near Disney in Kissimmee. It allows us privacy and space when we bring our German Shepherd with us.

We also love Reunion Resort home rental options. Sometimes we can snag good last minute deals for a large home. They also have villas for smaller groups. The homes are quite stunning with decks and stately columns. The property and grounds are impeccable with view of the golf course. It feels like you’re in a truly southern resort there.

Our favorite parks:

For the princess-

Magic kingdom is the quintessential Disney park. The architecture of darling Main Street and the castle is the true princess experience. The fireworks are amazing! They have a stunning show at 8pm and we like to view them by the tall Christmas tree at the entrance of Main Street so we can quickly sneak out after them.

Animal lovers and foodies-

Animal kingdom. Diverse dishes and a fun marketplace. The guided safari is our favorite.

For shopping and great restaurants-

Check out Disney Springs

Every visit we go to Savannahs favorite; Rainforest cafe. A total jungle experience for kids or kids at heart.

What to wear

Belle Inspired Outfit (Below)

I enjoy planning our outfits ahead depending on what parks we visit. Comfortable layers are key. It can get pretty cool in the evening.

For Magic Kingdom; Savannah and I love to dress the part as princesses. On our last trip Savannah and I took inspiration from Belle. For Animal Kingdom fun safari look outfit is easy to put together. Epcot I might wear a more sporty look like a skirt and tee shirt. Hollywood studios I might wear a velvet pleated skirt with a Disney teeshirt. Sneakers are a must for walking. I highly recommend a backpack for your wallet, water a snacks. Oh and Mickey ears…

What to eat

Each park has sit-down restaurants and cafes

These tend to take a while and be 3-4 courses so plan ahead. They are also on the pricier side. Two that we felt was totally worth it was

Tusker House at Animal Kingdom has excellent food! Visits with all the Disney characters and very hour.

Be our Guest at the Magic Kingdom, a true princess dining experience with dessert. Visit with Belle and Beast in the ballroom.

For a quick and easy meal-

On the app you can order food in the park online and pick it up. Grab a picnic table or bench nearby and eat. We find that option to be the most effective and quickest.

Many have allergy some friendly options but not a huge selection. I always read the menu ahead of time.

They have a Starbucks hidden in a “bakery” on main st that we get our late afternoon fuel from.

Annual Pass

We were Annual pass holders before Savannah started kindergarten because we could go during the week. Now that she’s in kindergarten we have not upgraded our annual passes so we just buy the tickets when we go to Disney which is now usually 2x year.

Some perks of being an annual pass member were discounts off in the parks. 

Our favorite rides

The most young kid friendly options -

Magic kingdom:

Pirates of the Caribbean is pretty spectacular

The Haunted Mansion is a favorite for Savannah.

Hollywood Studios:

The Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror, Slingy dog dash


“Frozen ever after” is excellent. Soarin-a classic 3D sky high adventure.

Animal kingdom:

Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, Avatar flight of passage, and Kilimanjaro Safaris

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