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Courtney’s Kitchen Must Haves

When it comes to kitchen accessories and tools, we look for two things; beauty and function.

We prefer natural materials like bamboo, wood, and rattan. They add warmth and texture to a kitchen and are extremely durable and versatile.

From cooking utensils to dish scrubbers, every detail matters. If you’re going to look at it, use it daily…why shouldn’t it also be beautiful.


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Cooking utensil holder

Cooking Utensils

Cutting Boards

Dish Scrub

Dishes and Mugs


Additional Accessories


Courtney's Style

This dress is comfortable and I love the detail. It’s casual enough for summer but can definitely transition and be dressed up for an event. Pair with a rattan round purse for a casual summer look. - Courtney

Shop Courtney's Style!

Maxi Dress - Click Here

Earrings - Click Here

Ponytail Holder - Click Here

Rattan Purse - Click Here


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