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I started in the home and design space when I was 18 years old in Massachusetts. Carlin and I began shingling and roofing with my grandfather, and I grew up on job sites, developing a love for all aspects of home design. Soon, we decided to branch out and manage our own home renovation company, specializing in custom woodwork and tile work. It was a pleasure to work on many waterfront homes along the east coast, from Narragansett to Newport Rhode Island.

While actively involved in the company, I focused on earning my master's degree in clinical psychology. Along the way, I also dabbled in home design through my own renovations, as it continued to be a passion of mine. Carlin and I always had a dream of moving to the South and starting our own business together, but it wasn't until we were expecting our daughter, Savannah May, that we felt a stronger urge than ever.

We realized that the longer we stayed in Massachusetts with a child, the more tied we would become to the area. I started to shift my focus towards family and home, and it felt like the perfect time to merge my passions. When Savannah was only 4 weeks old, we packed up and sold our home. We moved to Bradenton, Florida, living in our travel trailer for 6 weeks with a newborn and our three dogs.

During that time, we established an LLC, secured an investment property to flip, and began renovating our first flip in Florida. Savannah's arrival ignited a fire in us to pursue our dreams, and the combination of family, home, and the beach felt more important than ever. We decided to name the business after her, as a tribute to the inspiration she brought to our lives.

It was an incredibly challenging time for us. We were learning how to be parents and business owners, adjusting to a new area, establishing a new home, and renovating houses that were completely gutted. There were many tears shed and sleepless nights endured. All the profit from selling our Massachusetts home was tied to our move and starting the business, so there was enormous pressure to make it work and turn a profit. We put everything on the line for this dream, knowing that the risks were high but believing in the potential reward.

Since we didn't know anyone in Florida when we first arrived, we relied heavily on social media and building connections to kickstart our business. Balancing the responsibilities of caring for a newborn, we managed to flip two homes in Bradenton and Sarasota. This period allowed us to establish connections, expand our network, and gain valuable insights into the renovation process from the client's perspective. We treated each of our investment properties as if they were tailor-made for specific clients. Every detail was meticulously customized, deviating from the typical approach to investment properties. However, our unique approach quickly paid off. Our homes attracted the attention of real estate agents, neighbors, and locals who began reaching out to us for their own home design and renovation needs. We initially started by renovating bathrooms, but soon ventured into interior design and whole-home renovations. Word of mouth and referrals have been the backbone of our business, as we strive to provide each client with a positive experience and pour our entire energy into every project. Our commitment to maintaining a high standard of customer service and fostering a close working relationship with our clients is paramount.Our passion lies in infusing homes with personality, incorporating custom details and craftsmanship, while also creating bespoke homes that cater to each client's unique preferences. We always infuse Savannah's perspective of rustic elements blended with modern and livable design. Our focus is on creating spaces that feel timeless, yet fresh and inviting.

As a family, we are profoundly grateful to this community that has provided us with abundant opportunities to pursue our dreams and assist homeowners in achieving theirs as well.


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