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A Taupe love story

Photo credits Savannahs home and design-Beckah Lee photography

I’ve embraced my love all things tan, taupe, and, well even brown recently…

We are low-key happy that the whole gray trend is dying down. Don’t get us wrong, we love both but the balance of each is key..

We are not talking about the early 2000s tan era…but rather a modern updated grounded version

What the 2000s tan era lacked was authenticity, texture and movement.

We are sharing our favorite ways to add warm tones, such as taupe, into your home that feels fresh, and welcome and make your home feel like an oasis.


We love Datile collection of natural stone. It has texture, movement and grit. When you can use real stone instead of tile. Just be sure to seal it after install. Whether it’s for your kitchen, fireplace, bathroom or flooring…it’s a very beautiful way to add so much character in your home. If you go the true tile route/try to find options that most closest resemble stone and have texture.

Taupe Paint

Photo credits Savannahs home and design-Beckah Lee photography
Photo credits Savannahs home and design-Beckah Lee photography

This one is tricky. We have seen many homes with tan walls, kitchens, bathrooms, and everything in between! The key is variety. Mix the shades and choose where you can add complementary colors.


Picture Credit : Tomlin House

If you are not fully into the taupe look-adding in warmth via styling is a great and flexible way to do so. Woven baskets, pillows, bedding, throws, art and accessories that can be changed or easily moved.

Dried Flowers

Photo Credit : Studio Mcgee

Dried flowers in taupe shades like wheats and wild flower varieties add some much texture and warmth to a space.

Feeling a bit braver?


Caesarstone has a divine line of stone countertop options. Bianco drift (pictured above) is a beautiful earthy option that resembles sand while Tuscan Dawn is a richer taupe that feels much more luxurious. Pair it with black for drama.


Taupe wallpaper is a stunning way to add so much depth to a space. Subtle muted patterns are another beautiful option. We especially love Sandberg wallpaper collection. Although technically considered grey….this has a beautiful greige tone Sashiko Light Grey - Wallpaper | Sandberg Wallpaper

Here are some more of our Taupe love story picks

Go to taupe paints; balboa mist Benjamin Moore-a soft gray beige color that’s not too tan. Lovely for cabinetry

Benjamin Moore stone hearth-the perfect warm taupe paint for build-ins

Pale oak-Benjamin Moore-perfect for walls

Styling and Accessories

Courtney's Fashion Picks

This dress is so comfortable. I love its versatility for a casual daytime girls' lunch or nighttime romantic date night. I styled it with fun shell earrings and a woven clutch.

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